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restorative_examWhen cavities are detected in your teeth, there are different filling types to restore your teeth. For most fillings on the back teeth we use a natural looking cosmetic white filling. This is a strong plastic material that is easy to apply and difficult to detect. This material produces a long lasting, natural looking filling. When the size of the cavity is too large for filling, we may have to do a partial or full cosmetic crown.


Composite bonding can work wonders for your smile. Using materials that match the shade, translucency, and the texture of your teeth, gaps between teeth can be closed and spots and discoloration can be eliminated. Composite bonding is excellent for small defects in the teeth, spots, chips, or gaps between teeth. For smile alterations involving an entire tooth or multiple teeth, porcelain is the material of choice. Bonding for teeth involves the use of composite resin, tooth-colored filling material. This material can be used for the anterior (front) teeth or posterior (back) teeth. The procedure is sometimes referred to as bonding because an adhesive agent is used to actually bond the resin to the tooth structure.

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